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Colleyville Laser Hair Removal Lumenis Splendor X

Do you need Colleyville area laser hair removal?  If you want to know how to eliminate unwanted hair without the pain from the antiquated methods of using wax, tweezers and razors, read on and discover a better method!  You’re not the only one who dreams of a non-invasive laser treatment option that is pain free and has long lasting hair removal results.  Like our many highly satisfied patients, you’ll find an effective and easy hair removal option in our laser treatments in Colleyville using Lumenis Splendor X. If you’re wondering what Lumenis Splendor X is, it is an internationally recognized laser hair removal system that both our male and female clients love. The best part about completing the 3 to 7 treatments it will take to render your target area hairless is that at Prism Dermatology we’ll help you guide through the process to ensure that you achieve your optimal results. At Prism Dermatology, our Colleyville laser hair removal system is a non-invasive laser treatment option that will only be administered by a qualified laser physician.

Safe And Effective

Another perk of selecting our Colleyville Lumenis Splendor X option is that it’s safe for use on any part of your body including your face, armpits, chest, and everything all the way down to your feet and toes.  The laser works by releasing gentle beams of light that target melanin which is the chemical that determines the color of your hair.  Without melanin, it’s very difficult for any hair growth to occur in the treated area, especially after several sessions.  If any hair does grow after laser treatment, it will be a lot less thick and dense than normal.

Be Prepared For Best Results

Our patients generally like to come prepared for a laser hair removal treatment that will be as potent and effective as possible, the following basic tips will help get you ready. Avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun or to tanning beds and self-tanner for a minimum of six weeks before your appointment.  For laser hair removal treatment to be effective, there needs to be a contrast between your skin and your hair follicles.  We recommend shaving but not plucking the areas you want to be treated; the best time to do this in preparation for your service is one to two days prior.

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If you’re asking yourself, where can I find the right Colleyville laser hair removal near me, then it’s time to connect with Prism Dermatology. The caring professionals at Prism Dermatology are happy to speak with you today and help make sure you’re ready for the right Colleyville laser hair treatment for your hair removal needs.  Call the office today at 817-329-1350.

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