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Colleyville Laser Treatment Board Certified Dermatologist

Make Prism Dermatology your first choice for Colleyville laser treatment and other dermatology services. Providing you and your family the benefits of the most current technology in skincare, our goal is to help you improve your overall skin wellness. You deserve the best when it comes to your skin care which is why we strive to set an atmosphere that speaks of excellence. As soon as you step into our gorgeous office, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to a luxurious spa.

Upgrade Your Skincare

Colleyville board certified dermatologist Rawn Bosley, MD and his team are ready to upgrade your skin care to a whole new level. For many of our medical procedures we take most insurance plans. For our Colleyville patients, our team of skin care experts take the time to create an individualized care plan for your skin because we understand that everyone is unique. We strive to go above and beyond basic dermatological treatments to provide optimal results.

Laser Treatments

One of the most popular services we provide is laser treatment. Our Colleyville laser treatment options include laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing. Since removing unwanted hair can be a daunting task, we offer Lumenis Splendor X, one of the newest noninvasive laser treatments available in Colleyville. This treatment removes hair by using soft beams of light which the hair’s melanin absorbs and heats. When the follicle is damaged due to the heat, it stops more hair from growing. This state-of-the-art treatment can be used on both the body and face. Common treatment areas include legs, chin, lip, chest, back, and bikini. Our Colleyville board certified dermatologist recommends scheduling between three and seven sessions, spaced about four weeks apart. Patients with dark hair and typically the best candidates for this type of treatment, as lighter hair is not as easily absorbed by laser light. In order for the treatment to be most effective there needs to be a significant contrast between the skin color and hair color. This contrast is what helps the hair follicles absorb the light.

Specialized Laser Treatment

Another service we provide to Colleyville patients at Prism Dermatology is life changing M22 Lumenis Laser Treatment. This technology provides photofacials and photo rejuvenation which aids in reducing hyper pigmentation such as dark spots, and broken blood vessels, which can be the result of sun damage or aging. Through this cutting-edge method, we effectively treat the face, back, hands, neck, and chest using Intense Pulsed Light rejuvenation. The Lumenis M22 converts energy from the IPL to heat the affected area. This works to create collagen and elastin to lighten the color and tighten the skin. After several treatments it has is a proven method for improving the overall appearance of your skin. For the latest in Colleyville cosmetic skin care visit our Colleyville office.

Schedule Your Skin Care Consultation

No matter what your skin type is, or your skin care needs are, you can fully trust the team of experienced professionals at Prism Dermatology. If you have questions about Colleyville laser treatment or any other skin care service be sure to get in touch with us today. Let us help you get your skin in excellent condition. Call 817-329-1350 to set up a skin consultation.

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