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Grapevine Acne Scar Treatment Skin Damage Repair

Acne is a problem for more people in the area than you may think, which is why access to professional Grapevine acne scar treatment services is a high priority. It’s not just the temporary appearance of break outs on the surface that cause an issue for your skin, although that alone can be painful and embarrassing.  For many people, it’s the scars are left behind, particularly on the face, long after the acne has cleared that cause lingering issues with confidence. At Prism Dermatology we care about bringing renewed confidence to you by treating any scarring issues you are dealing with. The fact of the matter is that even if you don’t have acne scarring, over the years our skin is exposed to many elements and chemicals that cause damage. Regardless of the current condition of your skin or where your problem areas are located, Prism Dermatology will provide the right Grapevine skin damage repair services for you.

Proper Diagnosis

The skin care experts at Prism Dermatology make it a priority to take the time required to properly diagnose the cause of your skin’s ailments and outline a customized plan that will ensure you achieve the results you’re looking for.  For example, at our office, we understand that there are distinct types of acne and each requires a tailored approach in order to successfully clear up your skin and heal any damaged or scarred areas.  Not only are there different causes for acne, but there are also varying levels of severity including mild, moderate and severe; each of these is best treated with a unique approach as well.  The Grapevine board certified dermatologist at Prism Dermatology offers not only services for mild to moderate acne but is also proud to provide severe acne treatment options for those who are seeking relief from that condition.

Dealing With Severe Acne

Those who are afflicted with severe acne have the highest risk of developing scars, the earlier you begin treatment for this, the sooner you’ll start to see improvement.  Prism Dermatology is happy to offer customized Grapevine acne scar treatment options for anyone in the area who is dealing with this often-crippling issue.  Our professionals will ensure your specific needs and concerns are addressed with your specific type and quality of skin considered. One of our most popular techniques for this more severe level of skin damage is our Grapevine skin damage repair procedure called laser skin resurfacing.  This technique not only helps to soften your acne scars, but it also stimulates the skin beneath its surface to encourage new collagen growth which will help eliminate wrinkles, sunspots and age spots as well as tighten the skin while improving skin tone. We are committed as a team to helping you find the right treatment plan for your acne that delivers true relief. Our acne treatment plan options often include both medical and aesthetic treatment elements. Chemical peels, specialized facials and laser treatments are all options to be considered. Prism Dermatology uses cutting-edge technology to make acne and acne scars a thing of the past for our patients.

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When it comes to Grapevine acne scar treatment, the preferred choice is Prism Dermatology.  If you love your skin and want to see it shining in the great condition it deserves, call Prism Dermatology now at 817-329-1350 to learn more about the options that will best fit your skincare needs and to schedule your first appointment.

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