Irving Licensed Dermatologist Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment
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Irving Licensed Dermatologist Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment

When you need an Irving licensed dermatologist, you can trust Dr. Rawn Bosley with Prism Dermatology to handle all of your skin needs. We accept many insurance plans and provide both medical and cosmetic procedures. At Prism Dermatology we take an individualized approach when it comes to finding the right methods for treatment and skin care that extends far beyond basic care.

Rash Diagnosis

If you or someone you know if dealing with any area of the skin that is irritated and inflamed it is a great idea to come in for an Irving skin rash diagnosis and treatment appointment. Properly diagnosing and treating unique skin rashes is something that is our specialty.  While most types of rashes are not life-threatening, some types of rashes may be a sign of a more serious condition, so it is best to get it looked at by a professional right away. When it comes to rashes, there are a few indications that you should visit our board-certified dermatologist.

Concerning Rashes

For example, If the rash covers most of your body it may indicate that you are suffering from an infection or having an allergic reaction to something. If the rash is blistering or you have open sores, this may point to the fact that there is an internal cause for the rush. Blistering near the eye area, genitals or mouth should be checked by an Irving licensed dermatologist as soon as possible. Additionally, rashes that are infected, painful, or spreading rapidly also require a doctor’s evaluation.


If you experience fever in conjunction with a rash you should head to the emergency room. Fevers with a rash could be a sign of a serious infection such as measles, shingles, scarlet fever, or mononucleosis. Infected rashes will sometimes appear crusty, swollen, warm to the touch, and be particularly painful.

Common Rashes

If you are concerned about a rash that you have been dealing with for a while on, it’s always safer to come in for a skin checkup int our office. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to provide you with an Irving skin rash diagnosis and treatment options depending on the type of rash and the severity.

Total Skin Care

In addition to providing treatment for skin rashes, Prism Dermatology provides a wide variety of skin services. Our experienced team is a great resource for Irving ethnic skincare. Ethnic skin can tend to have more melanin related skin issues such as hyperpigmentation. Minor problems like scratches and burns can create more melanin production in ethnic skin leaving dark spots behind. Our team will take a close look at your skin and suggest treatments or medications to lessen the appearance of these spots. Beyond our cosmetic skin care options, we also provide yearly skin cancer screening for our Irving patients. Yearly checkups are essential for early detection and prevention of serious skin cancers like melanoma which can be fatal.

We Have The Skin Care Solutions For You

Whatever your skin care needs may be, make an appointment with our Irving licensed dermatologist at Prism Dermatology today by calling 817-329-1350. Let us help you get on the path to skin wellness.

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