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Keller Teenage Acne Skin Care Expertise

People in Keller with teenage acne have the same problems and challenges that come with teenage acne cases everywhere. It often requires a professional, informed treatment approach and fortunately, there are now better options available to address it. Changes in hormones can manifest physically in many unpleasant ways, including acne which can be painful and often embarrassing. This is one reason why the professional team with Prism Dermatology has dedicated themselves to making different acne treatment options available to everyone in the local area. If you have given up hope of ever getting your acne under control, we invite you to learn more about you can utilize our Keller skincare expertise to finally achieve the results you have been wanting.

Acne Does Not Have To Linger

For less severe acne, our skin care experts often recommend a variety of customizable facials to help prevent troubling skin blemishes from recurring. This regimen includes our amazing hydrafacials which can be customized to treat certain types of stubborn acne and are highly effective.  Rest assured that, if you suffer from Keller teenage acne, there are effective and affordable treatment options. You may not have tried a chemical peel before but many people who are dealing with acne find it to be a very effective approach. We encourage you to learn more about the types of chemical peels available for your specific acne type.

Have You Considered Laser Treatment Or Microneedling?

For more severe acne cases, our Keller skincare expertise may include a more intensive approach such as laser treatments or microneedling. Both of these treatments are highly effective as they work deep within the skin to promote an internal healing process. They both require minimal downtime, making them a convenient option for busy schedules that cannot afford to be interrupted.

Are Hormones Your Main Culprit?

If you are suspicious that your acne is more hormone related, our thorough Keller acne dermatologist can find the underlying cause of that question with the right kind of diagnostic testing. If needed we may recommend an over the counter or prescription medication to manage those hormones and, as a result, control your acne breakouts. No matter the severity of your acne, our dermatologist is committed to implementing a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

If, as a teenager, you were unable to effectively treat your acne and as a result, you are dealing with unsightly scarring on your face or neck, our Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment offers you a lot of hope! Laser skin resurfacing has been proven to be highly effective when it comes to treating acne scars because it promotes new collagen growth to the deepest layers of the skin. If this option does not seem like an option you don’t want to consider, our custom facials may be another option to evaluate for reducing signs of acne scarring.

Don’t Delay, Get Treatment Today

Prism Dermatology understands that Keller teenage acne can be a real burden. It can disrupt your social life and really beat up your confidence, not to mention the long-term effects it can have on your skin. When you are ready to take care of it with the attention it deserves, give us a call at 817-329-1350 to schedule an appointment.

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