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Las Colinas Acne Treatment & Melasma Diagnosis

Las Colinas acne treatment that delivers real results is important for those who have been suffering with the condition for a while. At Prism Dermatology we offer the top resources for treatment through our experienced team, the latest technology and our luxurious waiting room and facilities. This allows us to more effectively diagnose and treat various levels of acne and other bothersome skin conditions. In addition, many of our local clients come to us for Las Colinas melasma diagnosis and melasma treatment.

Restore Your Skin

Acne can come in many forms and levels of severity. Of course, it is best to seek out early treatment of acne in order to prevent severe breakouts, but if your efforts to control it early fail, we have effective Las Colinas acne treatment options for all stages. Rest assured that our acne treatment options can help improve the state of your skin. We recommend coming in to see our experienced dermatologist for a comprehensive evaluation in order to determine the appropriate treatment for acne, according to your particular skin type.


Facials are a fantastic way to take care of your skin. They are used to treat many symptoms, including acne. Our board-certified dermatologist, Rawn Bosley, MD near Las Colinas will thoroughly examine your skin to determine the most effective facial for you.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can also be an effective treatment not only for acne but also for other skin conditions. For example, after one of our patients receives a Las Colinas melasma diagnosis, they often choose to undergo laser therapy to lessen the appearance of their melasma.


Microneedling is a bit more focused than other acne treatments and it is very effective. Patients with more severe acne may want to consider microneedling to get rid of acne scarring and prevent future breakouts. Our team will invest adequate time with your to review all of your options and help you select the treatment that you are most comfortable with.

Oral & Topical Medication

We offer the latest topical and oral medication options as another effective route for treating acne. No matter what kind of acne condition you have, we have a treatment option for you.

Change In Diet & Skin Care

Often times, skin conditions can be caused by everyday habits and routines. Our dermatologist will take the time to talk with you about your diet and skin care routine in order to help you pinpoint and eliminate what might be contributing to your breakouts. It can be hard to know what you are doing wrong which is why our board-certified dermatologist takes that time to help you determine all actions you can take to get on track toward the beautiful and healthy skin you deserve.

Your Skin Can Look Better Than Ever

When you are ready to partner with us for state of the art Las Colinas acne treatment, give us a call at 817-329-1350. Our professional and personalized approach puts your skin care in a whole new light. We can handle all levels of acne severity as well as many other unwanted skin conditions, so do not hesitate to reach out to us today!

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