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Las Colinas Pediatric Dermatologist Childhood Skin Disease

If you have a child who is dealing with a unique or bothersome skin condition our Las Colinas pediatric dermatologist with Prism Dermatology has the answers you’ve been seeking. Finding a highly qualified board-certified dermatologist like Rawn Bosley, MD near Las Colinas may seem like a simple task, but it can become much more overwhelming when looking for a dermatologist who is experienced in working with children. That is where we come in. No matter what skin condition your child is facing, our skin care experts can help. We know that as a parent you need extra reassurance to be sure that any skin condition your child is dealing with is handled with a balance of compassion and professionalism. We understand how to work with your child to help them feel comfortable and get them to a better place with their skin.

We Care About Finding a Solution

Just like adults, children can face a number of unwanted skin conditions that impact their appearance and self-confidence. If your child is experiencing a Las Colinas childhood skin disease, we understand that what you need are sound answers. Here are some of the unwanted skin conditions in children that you might your family might be dealing with:

Eczema & Other Rashes

Atopic Dermatitis and other types of eczema are fairly common in childhood. When it becomes difficult to manage these symptoms on your own it is a good idea to see a professional who can help to you develop a proper treatment plan. If your child’s eczema requires specialized treatment, you may find yourself searching for a “dermatologist for children near me” but we highly recommend that you evaluate the professional team with Prism Dermatology. Our Las Colinas pediatric dermatologist has various treatments available for eczema and is passionate about finding solutions that will work!

Acne Problems

At one point or another, your child will likely start to experience unwanted breakouts. Skin care for adolescents can be tricky and is a key component to social and emotional health. Fortunately, we bring various effective treatment options to the table for adolescents who are dealing with unwanted acne.


As many people know, acne breakouts during adolescence are usually due to hormone changes, but there are things that we can do to limit and prevent the severity of breakouts. For example, dietary changes and topical medication can make a world of difference for acne prone skin. Additionally, we offer treatments such as facials, chemical peels, laser therapy, and microneedling to help target acne prone skin and keep it healthy. If your child is experiencing acne come, please do not hesitate to visit us in order to boost their confidence and create clearer skin.

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Our Las Colinas pediatric dermatologist is ready and equipped to help diagnose and treat any Las Colinas childhood skin disease that has become a challenge for you or your child to manage. Give us a call today at 817-329-1350 to schedule an initial skin evaluation.

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