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North Richland Hills Acne Treatment Melasma Diagnosis

When it comes to North Richland Hills acne treatment, Prism Dermatology is well known for providing state of the art treatments coupled with high quality patient service. From early treatment of acne to later stage acne treatment, we interact with all of our concerned patients from a place of  respect and the greatest hope as they choose to entrust us with the care of their skin. We understand that it can be challenging for our patients to come in to take care of an acne problem that has been left untreated for many years. It can feel vulnerable when you step into our office which is why we make sure you feel welcome and safe throughout your experience as you explore the top of the line North Richland Hills’ acne treatment options.

Acne Can Strike Anyone

In all honesty, acne can show up anywhere at any time. Some people experience acne in their younger years, while others do not have skin problems until later on in life. Some people get acne breakouts on their face, while others experience the majority of their acne breakouts on their shoulders, chest, or back. No matter where or when your acne troubles occur, Prism Dermatology is determined to find the right North Richland Hills acne treatment for you. Our professional team is dedicated to delivering you the correct treatment plan that brings relief and an improved self-esteem about your acne. Treatment plan options can include both aesthetic and medical treatments. Chemical peels, specialized facials and laser treatments are all viable options. Prism Dermatology utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure that acne and acne scars are a thing of the past for our patients.

Facials & Chemical Peels

For those with less severe cases of acne, a facial may be the appropriate treatment for acne. In our office your overall experience matters to us which is one reason why we offer customized hydrafacials to make sure we target your skin’s exact needs. In addition to facials, a chemical peel may be a good route for you to take.

Microneedling & Laser Therapy

For those with more severe acne or acne scarring, we recommend considering a more invasive North Richland Hills acne treatment option such as microneedling or laser therapy. Both of these treatments go deep into the skin and promote new collagen growth which brings about long term healing.

Overall Healing

Because of their healing effects, we also recommend microneedling or laser therapy as a very effective melasma treatment. You are likely experiencing the condition of Melasma if you are dealing with dark, grayish-brown spots on your face. If you are not sure whether or not you may be suffering from Melasma, contact Prism Dermatology to get started with the process of a North Richland Hills melasma diagnosis.

Treatment Really Makes A Difference

We are enthusiastic about helping you to determine the best treatment option for your skin. Sometimes, sun protection is all it takes to eliminate Melasma symptoms. Other times, a prescription medication is necessary. It depends on the root cause of your particular Melasma problem.

Take Action For Better Skin Now

When you decide that you are ready to prioritize the health of your skin and invest in the high-quality care you deserve, we invite you to contact the professional team at Prism Dermatology to schedule your first North Richland Hills acne treatment or to get started with a melasma diagnosis. You can reach us at 817-329-1350 to make an appointment today. The path to beautiful skin is just one call away.

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