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North Richland Hills Licensed Dermatologist Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment

Are you looking for a highly qualified North Richland Hills licensed dermatologist for your skin care needs? Look no further than Prism Dermatology! Our board-certified dermatologist provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your skin is healthy and free from cancer. In our North Richland Hills office, you can schedule skin checkups and yearly skin cancer screenings with confidence knowing that an experienced professional is keeping an eye on your skin. We understand the value of getting top-notch preventative skin care checkups as well as precision medical skin care services when needed. At Prism Dermatology we take a comprehensive approach to the needs of your skin, through every phase of life.

North Richland Hills Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment

You can trust that the North Richland Hills skin rash diagnosis and treatment services you receive through us come with years of experience and a focus on your individual condition. Our dermatologist takes pride in understanding that the best way to successfully treat any rash is by figuring out its origin. Sometimes, a skin rash is caused by an everyday household item that irritates the skin. Other times, a rash can be a symptom of atopic dermatitis and requires more extensive treatment. We are committed to properly diagnosing your skin rash in order to move forward with the most beneficial treatments.

Ethnic Skin Needs

It takes specialized knowledge to understand ethnic skincare needs and at Prism Dermatology we address concerns in this specialized area every day. Our staff knows that varying skin types require unique treatment approaches and we are fully equipped to give your skin exactly what it needs. Make it a top priority to see someone who fully understands the needs of your unique skin type by making an appointment with us today.

Skin Cancer Screenings

No matter what your risk factor is, we recommend getting a skin cancer screening each year to make sure that your skin is healthy. However, if you are considered high risk, it is a good idea to come in for a skin cancer screening more frequently. Our North Richland Hills licensed dermatologist recommends getting an exam once every three months if you are at a higher risk for skin cancer.

Laser Treatment

For those who are looking to reduce the visibility of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, or sunspots, we recommend laser treatment. This treatment is effective because it promotes collagen growth to the deepest levels of the skin and causes quick healing.

Facials And Chemical Peels

In addition to our medical skin care service, we also offer aesthetic skin care options such as facials. Our hydrafacial is customizable and effective. We also offer chemical peels, injections, microneedling, and more. No matter what your skin care goals are, we make your satisfaction our priority at Prism Dermatology.

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