Prism Dermatology Dysport Cosmetic Event

Join us for a special event on  as we offer discountedneurotoxin injections for patients!

January 13, 2023
Time: from 12pm to 4pm



  1. What is the minimum purchase? 120 units
  2. What is a Micropeel? A type of chemical peel that immediately increases skin’s hydration, gently exfoliates, and brightens with zero downtime. Most commonly patients get this type of peel before a big event to make the skin look vibrant”
  3. How much is Dysport normally? Our current pricing starts at $5/unit
  4. I’ve never had Dysport before. I have only had Botox? What is the difference? Dysport and Botox are both the same type of injection with botulinum toxin. They work the same. The units are measured differently. Generally, 1 unit of Botox equals 3 units of Dysport.




rawn bosley

Rawn Bosley, MD is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. His professional interests which include medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology including injectable fillers, neuromodulators, body contouring and laser therapies.


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