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Prism Perks Membership

Have you heard about our Prism Perks program?

What is it? At Prism Dermatology, we want to help you transform your life and find the best version of yourself at any age! The Prism Perks Program is a membership program designed to make our cosmetic services accessible for any budget.

How does it work? Prism Perks allows you to create a “savings account” that you can then put towards any of our cosmetic services or products! Each month, money will be withdrawn based on the pricing tier you’ve selected. These Prism Payments won’t expire.

Are there other perks? In addition to creating a savings account, Prism Perks members receive discounts on each treatment shown on our membership brochure below. These discounts apply as long as you are a part of the program. For instance, if you are a member of Tier 2, you can purchase a basic Hydrafacial, or one of two chemical peels for just $149! These services typically retail at $165+.

How do I get started? It’s simple! Give us a call today at 817-329-1350 to ask any questions or schedule a consultation to discuss the Prism Perks program and decide which tier best fits your goals. After completing a simple application, you’ll be all set!


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