Southlake Acne Treatment Melasma Diagnosis
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Southlake Acne Treatment Melasma Diagnosis

Southlake acne treatment has a wider range of treatment options now that area residents have access to the dedicated team of professionals with Prism Dermatology. Many have dealt with the common and embarrassing problems associated with skin blemishes at some point in their lives and, as a result, understand the value of being able to see improvement in their skin with appropriate treatment for acne. Fortunately, with the Southlake acne treatment that Prism Dermatology offers, healthy-looking skin is more accessible than ever before.

Southlake Melasma Diagnosis

Not only does our team have extensive expertise at successfully clearing up acne, we also recognize and treat many other medical skin conditions. For example, with age and sun exposure, you may be noticing darkened skin patches around your cheeks, forehead, and chin. These symptoms are often associated with a skin condition known as Melasma. Research shows that this medical skin condition is much more common in women than men. Prism Dermatology has the right experience to make a Southlake Melasma Diagnosis and provide ongoing Melasma treatment that will even bring out your skin tone and bring back a healthy look. In order to properly diagnose Melasma, one of our highly qualified medical professionals will closely examine your skin. If necessary, a skin biopsy may be performed to determine the depth of the Melasma. Once a thorough diagnosis has been made, we prescribe any necessary topical or oral medication through our board-certified Doctor, Rawn Bosley MD. This can be a stubborn condition and you may opt for other viable approaches including chemical peels and laser treatments.

Acne Treatment

Early treatment of acne including medical facials is just some of the Southlake acne treatment options that Prism Dermatology offers the residents of Southlake. In addition to effective preventative treatments, we also offer laser treatment to get rid of acne breakouts and to smooth away acne scarring we offer chemical peels and microneedling. Additionally, Dr. Bosley takes care of providing oral and topical prescriptions that are effective at controlling and preventing acne when used regularly. We care about you and we want you to know that flawless skin can be attainable in many cases with our comprehensive approach to your acne problem.

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If you are tired of dealing with the many negative both physically and socially of acne, get ready for a healthier, more beautiful version of your skin when you consult with the team of experts at Prism Dermatology. When you are ready to benefit from high quality and effective Southlake acne treatment, make an appointment with Prism Dermatology by calling us at 817-329-1350 to schedule a consultation.

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