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Southlake Botox® & Fillers Facial Cosmetic Treatments

Interested in finding a highly professional local option for Southlake area BOTOX® and fillers?  Once you discover the patient experience delivered by the knowledgeable skin care professionals at Prism Dermatology, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.  Patients come to us for BOTOX® cosmetic services that are reliable, trustworthy and carefully administered for each individual person based on their unique needs. Our cosmetic injectables are sought out for many purposes including reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Benefits Of Botox

Although most people are aware that quality injections and fillers do help to reduce wrinkles, what you may not know is that many people also seek out BOTOX® treatment to reduce sweating in certain areas.  There are multiple benefits that can be obtained from BOTOX® fillers and injection treatments and each application is catered to the individual patient’s goals and objectives. That’s why our experienced specialists will take the time to personalize a treatment plan for you. You may not know it, but the Botox cosmetic treatments we offer can typically be completed in about 10 minutes. Another appealing aspect of BOTOX® is that it’s quite painless and the results will last for about four months.  We can help you set up regularly scheduled filler treatments so that your fine lines and wrinkles stay away and never come back.

Facial Treatments

Prism Dermatology offers a wide range of Southlake facial cosmetic treatments to meet your needs and is performed by technicians trained in multiple methods and services that will give you your most beautiful look yet. Prism Dermatology specializes in Southlake BOTOX® and fillers and we have multiple other options available when it comes to our injectables. Contact us today to discuss the options that will work best for your current situation. When you’re selecting Southlake facial cosmetic treatments, it’s important to find a provider in Southlake offering FDA-approved cosmetic procedures.

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At Prism Dermatology, our Southlake BOTOX® and fillers treatment plans are not only FDA-approved but will also be administered by one of our qualified technicians who specializes in this dermatology procedure. Our patients primarily request injections and fillers to be applied somewhere on the face such as between the eyebrows, on the forehead or on crow’s feet and lines near the eyes. These same treatments can also be applied to the armpits as well as the neck area.  Now is a great time to discuss your skin care needs and goals with a professional at Prism Dermatology. Call 817-329-1350 today so you can experience our patient-centered approach to skin care and schedule your first appointment.

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