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Southlake Hair Restoration PRP Hair Treatment
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Southlake Hair Restoration PRP Hair Treatment

If your hair is balding and you are looking for hair restoration in the Southlake area, you have found the expertise you need with Prism Dermatology. Once we go over the plan of action for your specific type of hair loss, you will relax and stop worrying about your thinning hair! We have multiple approaches that we take to the problem, depending on the cause of your hair loss issue. Our experienced board-certified Dermatologist will determine if our cutting-edge Southlake PRP hair treatment services are a good fit for you. PRP therapy involves platelet-rich plasma injections and it is one of the most highly sought-after hair repair services in the market today. Prism Dermatology is proud to offer PRP to area residents because, to us, each of our patients is a VIP deserving of the most rewarding and life-changing treatments available. As a practice we also believe it’s important to offer multiple options in the way of hair loss remedies because each person is unique, requiring a tailored approach.

Actual Hair Re-Growth Is Possible

Our team of trained professionals will treat male pattern hair loss in addition to providing hair growth procedures for men and women. These services are just the tip of the iceberg encompassing the many top-notch treatments and procedures we provide at Prism Dermatology. We understand that the Hair restoration process we offer to Southlake residents is a delicate procedure and requires a very experienced and careful execution. On the Prism Dermatology team, we care about making patient satisfaction our top priority for every treatment. This primary goal is inclusive in everything we do from simple facials to the more advanced PRP hair treatment we offer to Southlake residents. Our dedicated team is proud to say that we literally have something for anyone who is frustrated with hair loss.  From hair restoration to hair growth procedures, we are here to do all that we can to help you achieve the thick, luscious head of hair you have always wanted.

Medical And Cosmetic Treatments

When you come to our office you will be pleased to learn about all of our comprehensive array of services. Southlake patients enjoy having confidence in our approach to both medical and cosmetic therapies. If you come in with a skin condition that affects your head of hair, don’t worry; we’ve got your scalp covered!  Our Southlake medical hair treatment in addition to our cosmetic or touch up services have produced powerfully positive, life-changing results for many of our satisfied patients.

Comprehensive Services

Keep in mind that along with our world-class hair restoration services in the Southlake area, we also take care of all of your skin, nail, and laser hair treatment needs. Get in touch today by checking out the details on our website to learn more about how we can help you transform into looking and feeling better. If you are ready to invest in our incredible Southlake hair restoration services, why delay? Call Prism Dermatology now at 817-329-1350.

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