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Southlake Licensed Dermatologist Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment

From the moment you step inside our luxurious office you will understand that, when looking for a Southlake licensed dermatologist, there is no need to look further than Prism Dermatology. When you choose Prism Dermatology you will gain all of the benefits that are associated with our state-of-the-art facility and our professional staff. Not only are we led by our experienced, board-certified MD, Rawn Bosley but we are also equipped with a top-notch, friendly team of skincare experts who are committed to providing unparalleled, custom skin care services. Whether you are in need of specialized knowledge regarding ethnic skin care or a are in need of a routine Southlake skin checkup, our board-certified Dermatologist will take excellent care of you.

Medical Skin Care Services

Our Southlake licensed Dermatologist has the expertise you need to handle any of your medical skin problems. Some of the common issues addressed in our office include acne, rosacea, eczema, removal of skin tags, skin infections, wart removal and melasma. Whatever level of specialty care you require, our team is fully equipped to properly manage any of your medical skin care needs.

Cancer Screenings

At Prism Dermatology we believe in the power of preventative care which is why we recommend that our patients in the city of Southlake schedule a yearly skin cancer screening. This reliable prevention service is important for everyone and especially important for skin types that pose a higher risk of developing skin cancer. For those higher-risk patients, we recommend a skin checkup every three to six months to be sure that your skin remains healthy.

Rash Treatments

At Prism Dermatology we understand how hard it can be for you to deal with the constant problem of skin irritations. It is our priority to address Southlake skin rash diagnosis & treatment needs in a personalized way in order to bring you the fastest possible, cutting edge remedies. From our experience, we have the most success with Southlake skin rash diagnosis & treatment when we keep your specific skin type in mind. Recommendations will vary depending on the type/color of your skin, which is why our team takes a customized approach to whatever type of rash is troubling you.

Cosmetic Skin Care Services

Aside from medical needs, we understand that you may prefer to visit our office for cosmetic purposes. Prism Dermatology offers top of the line services you can trust for all of your cosmetic skin care needs. We are highly qualified and equipped to perform various levels of cosmetic procedures from injectables to laser treatments and other cutting-edge procedures. Our primary goal is to keep you looking and feeling great throughout every age and stage of life.

Individualized Care

Essentially, at Prism Dermatology we take a unique and individualized approach to every patient, creating a custom skin profile that is designed to provide much more than a typical dermatology experience. Whether you need a Southlake licensed Dermatologist for medical, cosmetic, or preventative services, Prism Dermatology is the place for you to achieve ultimate skin health. We are a premier medical and cosmetic skin care provider, dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to total patient satisfaction. Learn more about the services we offer by calling us at 817-329-1350 and please know that we often have the same or next-day appointments available.

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