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Trophy Club Pediatric Dermatologist Childhood Skin Disease

If you’re on the hunt for a Trophy Club pediatric dermatologist for your child, you have found the team with the experience and the dedication you deserve at Prism Dermatology. We have successfully treated children, teens, and adults for a wide range of skin conditions and diseases.

Only The Best For Your Children

Pediatric dermatology is a specialty that includes treatment of the skin, nails and hair for children. As a parent, you might initially consider taking your child to your primary care physician for skin concerns or rashes, however, family care doctors may not have the experience or specialized training to handle serious skin conditions. For unique cases or severe conditions, seeking out the opinion of a Trophy Club board-certified dermatologist in our local office is highly recommended. As a parent, you will feel comfortable knowing your child is in good hands with professionals that understand clearly how to work with children and how to safely manage any chronic skin conditions.

What Are Some Common Childhood Skin Conditions?

Common skin conditions in children include rashes, allergic contact dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis, or Eczema, all of which we are able to treat effectively. Eczema is not an unusual Trophy Club childhood skin disease, and we see it in many of our patients. Eczema can appear in childhood and continue into adulthood. It is characterized by scaly, dry patches on the skin that can cause itchiness. Our Trophy Club pediatric dermatologist will consult with both the parents and the children regarding the proper care of their skin and can recommend a personalized course of treatment for managing Eczema.

More Treatable Skin Conditions

Besides Eczema, other Trophy Club childhood skin diseases that we treat include ringworm, athlete’s foot, vitiligo, psoriasis, warts, and molluscum contagiosum. The latter is a skin disease caused by a virus and is extremely contagious. It most commonly affects children and those with Eczema. This disease is characterized by small domed bumps that may itch and will spread worse with scratching. It is treated by freezing or scraping the bumps to destroy and remove them.

Teenaged Problems

In addition to treating young children and adults, we also provide skin care for adolescents in the Trophy Club area. Adolescent skin concerns are often unique due to that stage of life and can range from skin irritations, rashes, skin infections, and most commonly, acne. Acne is a skin condition which can cause clogged pores, cysts, pimples and painful lumps on the skin all over the body. Teenagers and adults can be affected by acne and it can be detrimental to one’s self-esteem. When not treated properly, acne can cause scarring. Our skin care experts in Trophy Club will treat acne in the most effective way possible, depending on the severity.

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If you have any questions or skin concerns about your young child or teenager please call Prism Dermatology today at 817-329-1350 and schedule a professional consultation with our Trophy Club pediatric dermatologist.

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