Trophy Club Licensed Dermatologist Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment
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Trophy Club Licensed Dermatologist Skin Rash Diagnosis & Treatment

If you have skin concerns, we invite you to visit our Trophy Club licensed dermatologist at Prism Dermatology for a consultation. The fact is that most people experience skin problems at some point in their lives, and who better to trust than a board-certified dermatologist in Trophy Club for skin care advice and treatment? Before you visit us at Prism Dermatology, make a list of your main concerns and any questions you have so that you can easily remember them to discuss everything during your appointment. It is our priority to make sure we answer all of your questions and provide you with information that is specific to your needs.

Rashes Should Not Be Ignored

At Prism Dermatology we see patients for both cosmetic and medical skin treatments. One of our specialties is skin and rash diagnosis and treatment. If you have a rash on your skin and are not fully sure of the cause, it’s a good idea to come in and let us check it out for you. A common cause of skin rashes is poisonous plants including poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac. These plants contain oil that is poisonous to the skin and causes a rash about a day or two after coming in contact with the plant. Our personally engaged and knowledgeable staff can diagnose and treat any rashes caused by these plants with prescription medications like steroid ointments.

Treatment Will Ease Rash Symptoms

Another Trophy Club skin and rash diagnosis and treatment we provide is for contact dermatitis. This type of rash can be either allergic or irritant. For example, some patients have an allergy to nickel. When these patients wear jewelry with nickel, they can develop a rash as a result. Irritant contact dermatitis creates a rash as a result of something like a household product or food that irritates the skin. If you experience either of these types of rashes and they do not clear up after a couple of weeks, you should schedule an appointment with our Trophy Club licensed dermatologist and get some relief today!

Screenings Make A Difference

Our team of skin care specialists is fully equipped to provide you with a Trophy Club skin checkup at our local office, regardless of skin concerns you are facing. We can properly treat a wide variety of skin issues and offer a wide range of different treatment plans. From ethnic skincare to rashes and hard to diagnose skin diseases, we understand how to help you so that you can feel confident in your own skin again. Keep in mind that it’s also a very good idea to schedule a yearly skin cancer screening with our Trophy Club dermatologist to make sure your skin is in good condition in case anything serious needs to be addressed.

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