Westlake Botox® & Fillers Facial Cosmetic Treatments
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Westlake Botox® & Fillers Facial Cosmetic Treatments

Many local residents trust the professional team at Prism Dermatology for all their Westlake Botox® and filler needs. These procedures relax the facial muscles by reducing muscle contractions. Many in the city of Westlake have been looking for a procedure that works for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. If you find yourself wanting the same, look no further.  Our Westlake facial cosmetic treatments can give you what you need. Read below to review some frequently asked questions about our Botox® cosmetic options.

How Long Does It Take?

Our Botox® cosmetic treatment is rather quick and is usually done within about ten minutes. After the procedure, many patients have reported a reduction in fine lines and other noticeable benefits within just 24 hours.

Can I Get Botox® Cosmetic Injected Anywhere?

Most people receive treatment around their eyes and forehead. Additionally, sometimes people will focus on treatment in the neck area. We work with you individually to be sure that we target those areas of greatest concern. Our team will consult with you about all of other Westlake facial cosmetic treatments so that you can experience the benefits of our other popular treatments as well.

Are Botox® Injections Used For Medical Reasons?

Yes, Botox® injections are effective for treating some types of medical conditions. For example, some of our patients opt to get injections in order to reduce headaches, while others in the city of Westlake get Botox® and filler treatment to reduce sweating. Just like the injections can reduce muscle contractions, they can also reduce the activity of the sweat glands, which is why many people with hyperhidrosis turn to Botox® injections for relief.

What Is The Down Time After Treatment?

Most patients do not require any downtime after treatment and can resume their day as usual. There may be some mild redness around the treated area for a short time after the treatment, but that will resolve quickly.

Is it Painful?

Most of our patients have reported minimal discomfort, and others have reported that each injection feels like a tiny pinch. The bottom line is that Botox® cosmetic treatments are a fast, effective, and relatively painless way to achieve younger, healthier looking skin.

You Are Worth The Investment

When you are ready to invest in an experience with Westlake Botox® and fillers or any of our other popular treatments, give Prism Dermatology a call at 817-329-1350 to set up a consultation. The skin you desire is not out of reach. Take steps forward toward your own beautiful, healthy skin today.

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