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Westlake Pediatric Dermatologist Childhood Skin Disease

As a concerned parent you will likely find yourself in need of the professional services of a Westlake Pediatric Dermatologist at some point in the life of your child. If you notice that your child is dealing with an uncomfortable skin condition it may be a good idea to contact the professional team at Prism Dermatology. Our board certified dermatologist Rawn Bosley, MD is a skin care expert who is specially trained to take on a wide-range of skin issues that your children may be experiencing. If you are concerned enough to be searching for a “dermatologist for children near me,” we invite you to learn more about Prism Dermatology and discover for yourself how our caring team can support and serve the skin care needs of your family.

Skin Care For Children

Skin conditions in children, are quite common and can cause an unnecessary amount of suffering if left untreated. From eczema to acne, children often experience conditions that threaten to interfere with a carefree childhood. Our board-certified dermatologist near Westlake knows how to properly diagnose and treat bothersome symptoms in order to restore skin health, which can improve overall confidence. A few of the skin conditions we strive to remedy include, warts, rashes, hair Loss, eczema and vitiligo.

Quality Care You Can Count On

We understand what it’s like as a parent when you are dealing with a child who is suffering from any kind of Westlake childhood skin disease. Although we use similar methods in our treatment regimens for adults and children, we combine an informed and compassionate approach for you in order to be sure that you feel comfortable having your younger child in our care.

Special Care For Troublesome Skin Conditions

For example, when it comes to managing eczema, our experienced Westlake Pediatric Dermatologist treats the condition with a topical medication that is specially formulated to be safe for children when used as directed. Additionally, we care about the ongoing comfort of your child which is why we take the time to we walk you through what you need to know in order to keep the condition well-managed over time. If the skin condition you are dealing with is associated with hair loss, treatment can include non-surgical restoration with Platelet-Rich Plasma. Most hair loss cases can be treated if they are caught early enough, so make sure to consult with our dermatologist as soon as you notice any kind of problem with hair loss.

A Common Childhood Skin Problem

Many children will experience a problem with warts at one point or another. Treatment for warts will also depend on the level of severity, but they can always be removed. If you notice a wart on your child’s skin, we encourage you to reach out to us before the warts spread to other areas. Regardless of the Westlake childhood skin disease you may be facing, you can rest assured that our skin technicians know how to handle the problem.

Adolescent Skin Problems

As we all know, children begin to experience certain common skin conditions when they reach adolescence. This is why we also cater our services to effective skin care for adolescents at Prism Dermatology. When hormone changes start to occur, issues like acne usually come along with it. If your young adult is experiencing acne, you will be pleased to learn that there are many things we can do to help. The specific type of treatment we recommend usually depends on the severity of the condition. Some patients receive topical prescription medication while others undergo facials and chemical peels or effective laser treatments. Regardless of the severity level of the acne we can help your young adult look and feel better.

Come In For A Skin Consultation Today

When the time comes for you to find the right Westlake Pediatric Dermatologist for the needs of your child, remember that we have the experience you need and the integrity you can trust. Your child’s skin deserves nothing but the best. Give us a call today at 817-329-1350 to arrange a personal skin consultation appointment.

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